Pirkkala upper secondary school


irkkala upper secondary school, together with the comprehensive school, is located in the center of Pirkkala, where it has been the basis for higher education and source of sophistication for young adults since 1973.

The school’s mission is to provide its students with the necessary skills and information needed for future education and life. This is achieved by concentrating on the essential factors. However, for those who seek it, Pirkkala upper secondary school offers a wide range of additional courses, some of which in co-operation with other upper secondary schools. In this way the students can specialize in the subjects they find useful or interesting. It is also possible to attend courses at the Pirkkala adult education center. The school uses 75 minute long lessons, which is a standard length in many upper secondary schools and therefore needed for common projects.

Pirkkala upper secondary school is a homelike choice for the students of Pirkkala comprehensive school, but is also a competitive alternative for the youth of other school districts. Altogether the school hosts about 200 students and 23 teachers, 13 of which also teach at the Pirkkala comprehensive school.

Due to its small size the school makes it possible for the teachers to individualize their teachings according to the needs of the students. Thus it is easier for struggling students to keep up with the class. The student body is joined with a strong feeling of solidarity, which is both inviting and inspiring at the same time.  Even though some facilities, such as food services and sports areas, are shared with the comprehensive school, the Pirkkala upper secondary school feels like a separate community.

The student body board works throughout the school year to make studying more exciting. It organizes theme days and other events together with the student body. It is also common that the teachers take part in various activities held during these events.

It has now become an annual tradition that a group of second graders (so called ¨tutors¨) host an event called ¨turskajaiset¨ for the new first graders at a local recreation area. Trough several activities and tasks the purpose of this day is to have fun, evoke team spirit and invite the students as members of the school’s community.

Skilled teaching and an encouraging spirit are the best keys for tomorrow.